Zones of Promise and Opportunity: Leveraging New Tools to Address Nashville’s Housing Needs

Sold Out (Please note, this session will take place offsite.)
Thursday, April 18, 2019 02:45 PM – 4:00 PM Bass, Berry & Sims, 150 3rd Ave S, 28th Floor Concurrent Session
Separate Ticket Required

With the creation of the federal Opportunity Zone incentive program, Nashville has several distinctive elements that surface as strengths and weaknesses for the city. Unfortunately, Nashville and many other cities exhibit patterns of gentrification soon after investing in housing affordability in predominantly low-income neighborhoods. Even when cities plan for the impact of growth, they may not be able to halt gentrification or, in Nashville’s case, the policies are preempted by political forces at the local and state level, resulting in the displacement of residents and businesses that only exacerbates the affordability crisis. This panel will discuss how Nashville and other cities can be proactive in order to benefit from the Opportunity Zone program to address the need for attainable housing and affordable living.

A ticket is required to attend this session, however there is no additional cost. Seating is limited.