Is TURBO the Way? Bold Moves to Make Change through Tactical Urbanism

Please note, this session will take place offsite.
Thursday, April 18, 2019 02:45 PM – 4:00 PM Nashville Civic Design Center, 138 2nd Ave N Concurrent Session
Separate Ticket Required

Changing the urban landscape sometimes requires bold paradigm-changing tactics in order to, for example, introduce a mix of nontraditional uses, reimagine abandoned public space, or introduce traffic-calming techniques. TURBO, Nashville’s Tactical URBanism Organizer team—part of the Nashville Civic Design Center’s Reclaiming Public Space initiative—is a key Nashville leader in providing a jolt where it is needed to instigate change. Working with private developers, public officials, and neighborhood advocates, this session will explore some tactical urbanism installations in thriving Nashville neighborhoods and discuss what tactical urbanism is, what it takes to succeed, its benefits, and the valuable role of partnerships, as well as examine specific projects to illustrate successes and challenges to bringing about change.

A ticket is required to attend this session, however there is no additional cost. Seating is limited.