Fishbowl – Spring Meeting 2020

Wednesday, May 13, 2020 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Special Programming
Open to All Attendees

Welcome to the fishbowl. You are invited to join a facilitated conversation with industry and advocacy experts about two forces at work in gateway cities around the world; the natural tension that exists between the need for cities to encourage economic and housing development and the gentrification, displacement, and community backlash that often results from investment in target neighborhoods. This session will resemble the popular Gentrification Fishbowls from ULI’s Spring 2019 meeting in Nashville and Fall 2019 meeting in Washington DC. Unlike the typical frontal panel experience, this session offers the chance for 12 different panelists to select how actively they wish to participate in or listen to a conversation. We will explore this topic through a uniquely designed exercise involving two circles of chairs: an inner circle, where speakers will be prompted to converse based on a select group of questions, and an outer circle, where participants are invited to actively listen to the conversation within. Those in the outer circle are welcome to tap into the inner circle when they wish to participate in the conversation, allowing for fluidity of ideas and participation to emerge throughout the session. The intent of the Gentrification Fishbowl is to provide a space for ULI members, industry experts, and practitioners to discuss, probe, and unpack this universal struggle. Observers and conference participants are invited to watch and listen to a fluid conversation that, by design, invites a rotating selection of viewpoints and opinions.