Construction and Design Service Procurement: Best Practices for Development Professionals

Tuesday, April 16, 2019 08:00 AM – 3:00 PM Music City Center, 101DE Special Programming
Open to All Attendees
Separate Ticket Required

Although construction is one of the most important facets of real estate development and redevelopment, this complex process is often not well understood by real estate professionals. Construction is among the most expensive and risk-laden parts of the development process. A firm understanding of how risk is managed and mitigated during this process is crucial to the success of a project. This intensive 2-day workshop will provide you with a strong foundation in all the essential elements of any real estate construction project. You ll leave with a solid understanding of construction contracts, contract pricing, and considerations in hiring design and construction professionals. This comprehensive workshop covers it all and includes an extensive appendix of construction-related documents. Don t miss this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge of the construction process. Program Highlights Learn how the complex, multidisciplinary construction process works. Meet the wide range of players and find out who does what and when. Identifying and mitigating risks in the construction process. See why construction requires masterful collaboration, coordination, and communication. Examine components by function and construction method. How to select and hire the right contractor. Learn how to manage the contractor once construction begins. How to price and put together the best construction contract to protect your interests. Identify all the key players in the construction process. What to expect in terms of who actually does the work. How a general contractor buys out a job.


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