Building the 15-minute Community: Leadership in Real Estate Development and Infrastructure

May 17, 2023 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time Special Program
Open to All Attendees
Community and Neighborhood Development Infrastructure – Active Transportation Leadership Sustainable Development
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Following examples from Paris to Berlin, Seattle to Bogota are embracing the concept of 15-minute cities – cities that offer better health and quality of life, less commute time (allowing people to have more free time at their disposal), the physical and mental health benefits of active travel, cleaner air, easy access to healthy food options, quality green space, stronger community ties that reduces loneliness, and decarbonize.

ULI members have developed the ‘Building 15-min Walkable Communities: A 2030 Leadership Action Plan’ to guide how public/private/non-profit sector leaders can take actions to:

– Decarbonize metro regions with a network of 15-minute communities,
– Diversify urban central business districts CBDs into live-in downtowns,
– Densify suburban corridors into multi-generational mixed-use districts,
– Humanize tower towns into resilient retirement and child-friendly communities,
– Transform suburban mall sites into transit and trail-oriented mixed-use hubs
– Activate exurbs as working landscapes of agrihood and nature-based solutions NBS

The presentation will include 6 scalable prototypes that leverage holistic infrastructure investment and real estate development strategies to create thriving communities around the globe. While this will be focused on U.S. and Canadian communities, this effort can be expanded to the ULI Asia-Pacific and ULI Europe or tailored to specific district councils to create thriving communities around the globe.