Sweeny & Co Architects Inc.

Dermot, Architect and President/Founder of Sweeny&Co Architects Inc. is an industry innovator. He brings together building design, urban design, urban economics, real estate development, and often architectural heritage and adaptive re-use to maximize the value of each of the firm’s projects for the benefit of Occupants and Owner’s alike.
Dermot has brought global and national corporations such as Microsoft, Loblaw, TELUS, RBC Financial Group, RBC Dexia, and BMW to the forefront of sustainability. His commissions include commercial office towers, head offices, mixed-use, transit oriented and residential developments, academic institutions, hospitality, and retail interiors. This broad base of clientele and project typologies is further served with real-estate development, financial proforma analysis, development consulting and project management. His passion for sustainability has evolved to include health and wellness in the design of facilities that dramatically reduce carbon footprint, reinforce brand and increase profit, while exceeding standards in occupant comfort, performance and flexibility. Many of his Class AAA commercial office buildings are LEED Platinum, WELL Building and Wired Score Certified. In addition, with more than 3000 residential units completed and another 12,000 in design, Dermot and the firm are also focused on bringing award winning, mixed use residential developments to market and designing residential buildings, whether market or luxury, that lead the market in sales and contribute to the community. Focus on Smart Density and City Building has allowed Dermot and the firm to build and maintain trusted investor, tenant and institutional client relationships with aligned goals to create exceptional buildings.

Speaking at the Following:

May 18

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Developing in Toronto: Confronting Complexity

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Metro Toronto Convention Center - North Building, 106 Constitution Hall

After decades of explosive commercial and residential growth, very few straightforward development opportunities are left in the central city. Every private and public project is a puzzle of immense complexity, cost, and risk as developers contend with limited space, legacy infrastructure, challenging public policy expectations, and shifting economics. Toronto developers and public infrastructure leaders are […]