Creative Finance Ideas for Real Estate Development

May 02, 2016 | Length: 50:31

Some cities are breaking the rules; exuding an appetite for risk, vision, and leadership; forming great partnerships; and shaping their communities for the 21st century. As traditional sources of funding and the real estate markets have changed, entrepreneurial public and private leaders are figuring out how to move their communities forward. This session was based on a ULI publication about creative financing focused on smaller communities and suburbs. The session includes speakers whose developments were highlighted in the report, talking about their developments, dilemmas to success, and possible solutions.

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Learn from case studies of six communities that have used and combined various sources of public funds to facilitate dramatic change. Download the report at 


  • Thomas Murphy, Senior Resident Fellow, Joseph C. Canizaro/Klingbeil Family Chair for Urban Development, Urban Land Institute
  • John Callahan, former Mayor of the City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
  • Anastasia Mileham, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, for Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation
  • Stephen P. Navarro, Executive Vice President of CBRE